Building Future

"Building Future" is volunatry initiative of the Association of Construction Entrepreneurs aiming at contributing to environmental protection and reducing the impacts of the climate change on the quality of life of citizens. The program is based on the projects and StavEdu and ingREeS aimed at training craftsmen, workers in construction, architects / designers, construction managers and other professionals in the field of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy in buildings.

These projects will be followed up by new projects focused on creating market of building renovations to the nZEB standard to attract investors in nZEB renovations offering customers new quality and consumer experience through new technologies, materials. The initiative aims at quality of works and services to ensure that renovations will bring energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions, but also improve the quality of housing and health of users of buildings.
The program "Building Future" has the ambition to expand into other countries in Europe, including Central European countries with which ZSPS developed a collaboration under the Build Up and Build Up Skills.
The program is characterized by eight features that have been accepted and approved by the Presidium of ZSPS:
  • Principles - formal commitment of the company in the form of signing Declaration by the Director-General containing the basic principles of environmental protection and the prevention of climate change.
  • Codes - help companies implement the initiative.
  • Indicators of performance - development of indicators that can measure companies' contribution to protecting the environment and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Communication - ongoing process of communication with stakeholders on issues related to environmental protection and the prevention of climate change.
  • Mutual exchange of experience - organization of meetings and workshops allowing exchange of experience and views of individual companies in implementing the program "Building the Future".
  • Logo - adoption of logo, which demonstrates committment of ZSPS and companies to the initiative "Building Future".
  • Encouraging all companies involved in nZEB renovations and construction of new nZEB, to join the program.
  • Verification - self-verification of the implementation of the initiative by the member companies.
The main objective of the initiative "Building Future" is the sustainable construction with having in mind the environment, final energy consumption in buildings, CO2 emissions and other emissions of greenhouse gases. Its aim is also providing the platform for a dialogue with the government and public on energy performance of buildings and use of renewable energy, as well as related concepts of "smart" cities and "intelligent" buildings. This dialogue will provide support for education and development of nZEB renovations market and construction of new nZEB, as well as support to relevant research and innovation.
Involvement in the program is voluntary commitment of the construction sector and companies become members of the initiative on a voluntary basis.
If you are interested, your organisation can register here.